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Class Schedule

Studio Etiquette

  • When you enter and leave the studio please bow at the door and to
  • Master Wong. This is an ancient practice and shows respect.
  • It is proper etiquette to refer to Master Wong as Sifu (See-Foo)
  • All students are welcome to take part in open practice times.
  • New students are required to attend Basics class times.
  • Please do not touch weapons that you have not been taught.
  • For sparring, use light contact and control, no full contact.
  • Show respect to elder students, they are there to help you.
  • Keep your uniform along with your body fresh and clean.
  • Please pay your dues on time.


Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Lessons by appointment only until further notice to resume previous regular class schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

By Appointment Only


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